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Create a Pinterest marketing funnel that not only works - it's easy.


It’s not that you’re not an expert, or your content isn’t amazing, or people won’t trip over themselves trying to get to work with you.


If you're like most online entrepreneurs, you may be:

» So overwhelmed with the day-to-day busywork that you feel like you're drowning in to-do's and spinning your wheels.

» Creating great content that isn't getting seen by your ideal customers (or anyone at all).

» Throwing spaghetti at the wall with your social media strategy - trying to cut through to noise and hoping for some engagement.

» Spending money you don't really have on Facebook Ads, only to get no traction and have that investment sucked into a black hole - never to return.

» Not scaling your business because you have so many ideas you don't know where to start and you have analysis paralysis.


It's your time to create the marketing system you and your business deserve.

That feeling of hearing crickets sucks - when you've poured your heart and soul, plus a lot of hard-earning knowledge into creating something of value for your audience - and...nothing.

Gone are the days of organic reach and features and benefits selling.

You cannot simply get someone to land on your website and buy a high-priced service or product without building the "know, like, and trust factor".

How do YOU get from just a casual browser to a customer willing to pay for your knowledge and expertise?

By having an awesome, lead-generating marketing funnel!




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When users are on Pinterest, they are looking for information on how to do better, be better, be inspired, and try something new.

» Pinterest users are primed to LEARN and BUY.

» While platforms like Facebook are designed to keep you on Facebook at all costs (unless you take out a second mortgage to pay for ads), Pinterest is specifically designed to get users to click through to your site!

» So many online entrepreneurs struggle to find that “magic formula” to get fresh eyes and new fans on their website. 

» You didn’t start your business is do marketing all day and be a slave to creating Instagram posts, right?

» You started it because you have a passion for what you do - a true talent that you want to share - a problem you want to solve for others.

» Setting up a marketing funnel that works is right around the corner for YOU.

Imagine feeling the freedom of an easy system that generates traffic and potential clients almost on autopilot.



Good...because this is so much more than a course.

This is a complete Pinterest training, with a community for support and live workshops and Q+A's.

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On the surface it's about learning Pinterest inside and out to use it the way a marketing genius would.

But Pinterest PowerUp is really about YOU creating a marketing funnel that works, so you can get back to your life and what you love doing.

You'll come out the other side empowered, inspired, and with a CEO mindset. You'll know exactly how to spend your time and focus to build your website traffic and email list.

I created Pinterest PowerUp because I saw how Pinterest rocked my traffic and email list like no other marketing "tools and tricks" I had tried...and I tried everything.

I discovered what worked and how to build a system around a Pinterest marketing funnel through a lot of trial and error - because I couldn't find any complete training out there.

So I set out to put all my knowledge, expertise, and all the little tidbits of systems and strategy that no one mentions, into a learning space that any online entrepreneur could do.



Here's What's Inside Pinterest PowerUp:

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More Time

Every entrepreneur struggles with fitting all the to-do's in during the day (and night). Don't waste any more time on free webinars that don't really help, or struggling with what to focus your marketing efforts on. Take back your time by having a clear roadmap for your Pinterest marketing funnel and how to create it with ease.

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More Money

Your fans will buy based on the Know, Like + Trust Factor. Meaning, if you're consistent and authentic about your content strategy and getting to know your tribe, they are going to eventually open their wallets because they believe in you and your business. Creating a well-planned traffic funnel to your content is going to make this happen!


More Creativity

Every entrepreneur has their "Zone of Genius" - the things about their business they LOVE doing and that drives their passion. When you build a system around online marketing, you free up brain space to get inspired and creative. Imagine not drowning in the day-to-day and getting to be the visionary behind your business.

More Wellness

Wouldn't you love to make that 10am yoga class for once? Or unplug after dinner? What about knowing that because you have a proven strategy and system, you don't have to worry about what, when, or how to for building your traffic and email list? I'd bet you'd feel pretty relaxed and more in line with your priorities.


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We'll get started right

First, I'll introduce you to the course and how to get the most out of the work we'll be doing together. You are joining a growing community that knows how to use Pinterest as their #1 source for traffic and email list building - so we'll make sure you know how to participate and get started.




A strong foundation is essential to using Pinterest correctly. Whether you're brand-new to Pinterest or you need to make some changes to your profile, this module teaches you everything you need to do from the moment you sign up to when you're ready to start implementing your strategy. 




We'll go through all the available resources for you to use in your Pinterest marketing funnel - everything from graphics to scheduling. We'll talk about the cost-benefit analysis of when to go ahead and pay for tools and what you can do for free. I'll walk you through how to create branded graphics for your content, using Tailwind and Boardbooster, and a few other tips and tricks.




A working Pinterest strategy is about so much more than keywords and graphics. We'll learn how to create a content calendar with Pinterest to take advantage of seasonal trends and popular topics to boost your reach. You'll learn how to maximize every piece of content you create for the most engagement and reach so you can do less work with better results. We'll dive into Group Boards, Tailwind Tribes, and Buyable Pins...PLUS how to set up your freebies and opt-ins to attract the right fans onto your email list.




If you're tired of throwing money away with Facebook Ads, you're not alone. Promoted Pins are simple, effective, and pennies on the dollar compared to Facebook Ads. I'll teach you step-by-step which Pins to promote, how to set up ad campaigns, and how to manage those campaigns and track what's working. You'll feel like a marketing boss running effective ads for your business.




Our Downloads section has the templates, checklists, and swipe files you need to save even more time with your Pinterest marketing funnel. We even have several Pin graphic templates in Photoshop and Canva to share so don't have to start from scratch! Plus, you'll get community support and accountability in our Private Facebook Group and Quarterly Power Sessions!

All this goodness comes with a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to the Pinterest PowerUp course and community! We know that Pinterest will evolve and change in the future, and we want to make sure this is your HOMEBASE for everything you need to know about Pinterest to build your website traffic and email list. We'll have an updates section to keep you in the loop on updates and best practices!




Pinterest is an ever-evolving platform! Strategies, best-practices, and new features will change. We will keep you updated with the latest news and Pinterest updates so you're never behind.




There are always tweaks to be done to any online entrepreneur's marketing funnel. Sometimes you have to edit your email marketing, your landing page, your copywriting, and/or your graphics. I'm going to interview experts to give you even more value and information to help with your marketing.


Who am I?

Hey there Rockstar - I'm Cara!

Pinterest Marketing + Squarespace Design are my JAM. I started in social media marketing in 2011 by managing 13 million fans across 17 social media accounts for a worldwide band. Since then, I've gone on to create hashtag campaigns for cities and their tourism boards, and online courses to help online entrepreneurs like YOU figure out this whole digital marketing puzzle for their business.

When I'm not geeking out on Pinterest and Squarespace, I'm listening to music, reading in fuzzy slippers, or entertaining my kiddo with dance parties and doing the "funny faces" on Snapchat.

A lead-generating funnel from Pinterest doesn't happen on its own or with magic pixie dust and lattes - it happens by creating a SYSTEM and a strategy that works (almost on auto-pilot). I can teach you my exact process to setup that funnel so you can see your website traffic and email list grow month after month.





After working to lots of clients and students on their Pinterest strategies, I've noticed the entrepreneurs that get the most out of their Pinterest marketing funnel are those that are comfortable creating content to provide incredible value to their target audience. 

You're ready for Pinterest PowerUp if...

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You’re DONE with creating tons of great content and having no one see it - and you’re ready to create an easy system that runs almost on autopilot to get fresh eyes on your website and potential customers on your email list.

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You’re committed to creating a better way to have your business work FOR YOU. You will create the results that come from having a system around your online marketing that works with EASE.

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You are tired of HOPING your marketing will work - and you're done with throwing spaghetti at the walls as a strategy. When you focus your CEO mindset on the action steps I’ll walk you through, you'll design your path to tipping the scale in your business in months - not years.

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You are ready to know exactly what, when, and how to use Pinterest marketing to build your paying customer base. It’s so empowering when you KNOW you’ve found another piece of the marketing puzzle that is going to make a dramatic difference in your business.


You are ready to come to the table with your CEO mindset and get to work. Designing a marketing strategy that's a well-oiled machine will take work upfront so you can have ease later. That's why I'm here to guide you through proven strategies so you can get to that ease even quicker.

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Designed To Fit Your Life!


We know you're a busy entrepreneur who has lots of things you love to do besides running your business. Each of the lessons in Pinterest PowerUp are designed as bite-sized - so even if you only have 20 minutes you can maintain momentum and your learning. We'll follow up lessons with your action-steps so you can easily see how to start designing your Pinterest marketing funnel. PLUS - our community is here to support and keep you on track 24/7/365!




An online instruction manual for how to set up your opt-ins once that reader is on your website. Get your business systems set up for email sequences and re-targeting!

[Value $57]

Bonus #2


Elevating your marketing strategy to new levels is a challenge! That’s why Pinterest PowerUp has a supportive community built around other entrepreneurs just like YOU. Our weekly Q+A’s are designed to make sure you are moving forward in this program and not stuck! Plus, you get access for life!

[Value Priceless!]




Once a quarter I'll host a week of Q+A, content planning, strategy sessions and more in our Private Facebook Group. If you've needed a little extra help, this is your chance at semi-private coaching!

[Value $2500]



Building your Pinterest marketing strategy is going to have a profound effect on your business - but there’s always more to learn. I interview experts in email marketing, copywriting, and more to help continue solving the puzzle of your business.

[Value $800]




I'll send you a love note every week with key action steps and FAQs to help you keep moving through the program. I'll be guiding you every step of the way.

[Value $500]



My eyes are going to be on your biz and your strategy to review for feedback and support. Plus we'll help support each other with group boards and Tailwind Tribes.

[Value Priceless!]



[Value Priceless!]





Enrollment Is Now Open...

I'll See YOU On The Inside!



Need Help Enrolling or Have Questions?

Chat me up below or email

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Join Us for 60 Days!

100% Risk Free Good Karma Guarantee

I back up everything I'm offering to you 100%, so I'm going to take on all the risk! If you fully participate in Pinterest PowerUp and you're not 100% happy, then you may request a refund within 60 days of enrolling.


Your Part: Fully engage in Pinterest PowerUp for the first 60 days after enrolling, including:

1. Completing the first 3 modules of the course.

2. Completing all action steps within the first 3 modules.

3. Attending and participating in the private Facebook Group in discussion and attending the Q+A sessions.

If you're not completely happy with the training, contact me directly ( with your homework, within the first 60 days, and we'll refund your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We require your completed homework/action steps from the first 3 modules before we'll issue a refund. Why? Because we know if you do the work, you'll get results. If you do the work and don't get value, then we've not done our job!

My Part: I'll issue you the refund. It's a big risk for me, but I'm so committed to your Pinterest success that I'll do everything I can to help you overcome any obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward with a Pinterest strategy that will get you traffic and emails.

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Enrollment Is Now Open...

I'll See YOU On The Inside!



Need Help Enrolling or Have Questions?

Chat me up below or email



Got Questions? We've got answers! Here's our top FAQs:

1: What if I’m overwhelmed with ideas to grow my business but I don’t know what to focus on next?

First of all - congrats! You’re showing that you’re the CEO of your business and you know growth is how your business will succeed.

Feeling overwhelmed is actually a sign that you’re looking for answers. It means you’ve been doing the work, testing your ideas, learning what you can get your hands on, and running up the entrepreneurial learning curve.

Now, you’ve got to remember that what got you here won’t get you there.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and unsure of how to make your marketing really work for you with MORE EASE and less stress, it’s time for a change.

Your job isn’t to keep doing more - more hours, more tasks, more social media - it’s to do less with more focus.

And when you join Pinterest PowerUp, we walk you through a proven process to build your Pinterest marketing foundation to be streamlined, consistent, and predictable. It is the clarity you need to create a funnel of primed and ready-to-buy clients.

2: What if I haven’t even started with Pinterest...should I join Pinterest PowerUp first?

What a great place to be! Building a Pinterest profile with a strong foundation from the get-go is often easier than trying to back-track and fix mistakes.

You know the phrase, “Do it right the first time”?? That totally applies here and it’s yours to take advantage of.

Just by checking out Pinterest PowerUp, it’s clear you’re a smartypants that knows the fastest way to get results is to get the support and training you need to shortcut the process.

With Pinterest PowerUp, you learn the proven system to flip your website traffic and email opt-in funnel to “autopilot” - with minimal checking in to make sure all systems are go.

You don’t need to have thousands of Pinterest followers or be on tons of group boards. You need Pinterest, your website, and an email program. That’s it.

Through the Pinterest PowerUp learning process, we’re going to focus on what works best for you so you can work SMARTER and shorten that learning curve. You won’t have to figure this out alone.

3: How long before I can expect to see results?

Let me first say this - Pinterest PowerUp is NOT a get rich quick, six-figure launch in 30 days kind of program. There is no magic pixie dust for building a sustainable, working marketing funnel!

You could see a jump in traffic and emails in weeks, if you get laser focused on learning and taking action on the Pinterest PowerUp strategy. You could have the results I did - dramatically increasing your email list by simply identifying your traffic-driving content and tweaking it to this system.

However, most students can expect to see results in the 4-6 months following Pinterest PowerUp, especially for those in the startup stage or taking their business in a new direction.

The key to big results with Pinterest PowerUp is putting it into action.

When you’re an entrepreneur, the faster you can pivot, make decisions, and implement, the faster you are going to get to the other side of seeing results.

One of the best things about Pinterest is it’s a long-game marketing strategy. Like the blog story I told you a couple of days ago, Pinterest can drive traffic and get you email subscribers YEARS after you publish a piece of content.

In short - you don’t need a quick fix. You need a clear, easy marketing growth strategy and action plan.

4: I’ve seen other Pinterest courses out there. How is Pinterest PowerUp different?

I am not the first person to offer a Pinterest training course, and I will not be the last. What I CAN tell you, is that Pinterest PowerUp is the most comprehensive, complete training on Pinterest I have seen offered.

Not only does this system take you through the foundational strategies (like keywords and creating pins) for Pinterest, it guides you through:

Best Practices
Setting up Rich Pins
Installing your Pinterest Tag
Common Pitfalls
Daily, weekly, monthly strategies and checklists
Work Flows
Group Boards
Promoted Pins
...and so much more!

Inside Pinterest PowerUp, our focus is making sure you have ALL the pieces of the Pinterest puzzle required to make this marketing funnel work for you and your business.

From re-purposing your content on your website to create more pins, to optimizing your profile so your pins show up in search, to fine tuning your workflow to get more done in less’ll create a plug and play system you can use over and over again once the strategy is built.

I know this will turn off the people looking for that magic pixie dust easy-button.

That’s totally ok.

Because I’m here to serve and support entrepreneurs like YOU. The take-charge bosses who are ready to create a marketing funnel that grows their business - with proven systems that are clear and actionable to get you results.

Finally, Pinterest PowerUp is different because I’ve added so much additional support to make sure you are getting what YOU need for your business.

Support like:

A private Facebook Group with weekly Q+A’s
Quarterly Power Sessions
Guest Expert Interviews
Weekly email love notes from me to check on your progress

Finally - a complete training AND the guidance and support you need!

5: Do I really have time for Pinterest PowerUp?

For entrepreneurs especially - almost nothing is more valuable than your time.

If you’re working more than 25 hours a week on your business, you need a clear, easy marketing strategy even more to increase your return on investment with your time.

So I’m going to answer your question with a question…

Is your desire for growth and ease MORE IMPORTANT than the rut of being in the day-to-day of your business?

You have to make a shift.

That why Pinterest PowerUp was created with 1 goal in mind: TAKING ACTION.

Each module in Pinterest PowerUp is broken into smaller lessons you can take step-by-step to continue your momentum and implement this system. When you enroll in Pinterest PowerUp, you’ll have immediate access to the entire program.

Every entrepreneur and business is different, but you can expect to complete this course and implement this system in about 60 days if you spend an hour or so a week doing the work and taking action.

The simple truth is - the more you put IN to Pinterest PowerUp, the more you’ll get OUT of it!

If you really want to be inspired to take action and use this system, I recommend 2-3 hours a week. It’s a small time investment when you realize you’ll be setting up a system that can more than increase your email list more than two-fold in a year.

6: Can you remind me what we’ll cover inside Pinterest PowerUp?


When you join this program:

  • You’ll learn how to use Pinterest strategically as a business (not just for recipes and home decor).
  • You’ll set up Pinterest and your website to talk to each other so you know what content is driving the most traffic.
  • You’ll create your own branded Pin templates (or use the done-for-you templates I’ve included) so you gain the brand recognition you deserve.
  • How to use Tailwind to take your re-pinning strategy to a whole new level.
  • You’ll create a pinning and re-pinning strategy that keeps your profile fresh and new eyes on your content.
  • You’ll systemize the workflow between Pinterest, your website, and your email list.
  • You’ll learn how to take advantage of group boards, Tailwind Tribes, and buyable pins.
  • You’ll learn how to create, manage, and analyze Promoted Pin campaigns and understand conversion tracking.
  • Plus you’ll get templates, swipe files, action sheets, and checklists to make it even easier to put this all together!

Not only will you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the 100% online strategic marketing program, you’ll also get access to Pinterest PowerUp bonuses to accelerate your results:

Bonus #1: Opt-In Awesomeness. An online instruction manual for how to set up your opt-ins once that reader is on your website. 

Bonus #2: Access to the Private Facebook Group. Elevating your marketing strategy to new levels is a challenge! That’s why Pinterest PowerUp has a supportive community built around other entrepreneurs just like YOU. Our weekly Q+A’s are designed to make sure you are moving forward in this program and not stuck!

Bonus #3: Quarterly Power Sessions. Once a quarter I'll host a week of Q+A, content planning, strategy sessions and more in our Private Facebook Group. If you've needed a little extra help, this is your chance at semi-private coaching!

Bonus #4: Guest Expert Interviews. Building your Pinterest marketing strategy is going to have a profound effect on your business - but there’s always more to learn. I interview experts in email marketing, copywriting, and more to help continue solving the puzzle of your business.

PLUS: If you enroll with 24 hours of landing on this page, you have access to a ONE HOUR STRATEGY SESSION with me. An entire hour that’s recorded for you to keep, where you and I will problem-solve, strategize, and form an action plan specifically for YOUR business.

7: Do I get personalized support and and access to Cara?

YES! I want to really get to know YOU and your business (in fact, one of your first steps when you enroll is to fill out a questionnaire so I can start learning about you and your business).

Your business, your experience, your voice, is uniquely you - and I know that I can help you apply what you’re going to learn in Pinterest PowerUp to fit you and your business.

When you show up in our WEEKLY Q+A sessions and/or our Quarterly Power Sessions, you can be sure you’ll get focused coaching and the answers you need.

Bottom line is this: If you been looking for the best way to grow your website traffic and email list, but you want more support and a mentor and community to cheer you on, Pinterest PowerUp could be a perfect fit for you.

I know that the #1 reason most entrepreneurs struggle to take action is they lack access to knowledge AND support. That’s why Pinterest PowerUp was built around proven steps and a personal community ready to push you to your GREATEST potential.

8: Is it really risk free?

Yes! I don’t want you to be left with the bill unless Pinterest PowerUp is your next step towards a marketing funnel that grows your business.

That is why I’m giving you a FULL 60 DAYS to put Pinterest PowerUp into action before making the final commitment. If you do the work outlined in the first 3 modules and are not happy with the results, just let us know and we’ll refund your investment.

That wraps up all the biggest questions about Pinterest PowerUp.

I hope this helps you feel confident in your decision!

And if that leads you to Pinterest PowerUp, I can’t wait to support you!