Cara Chace, Founder

Cara Chace, Founder

We have a real connection with our clients and students.

People connect in the best way when they share values and views on life. We'd love to introduce why and how we do business, so you can get a feel for if we're a great fit.

If you already know we need to chat go ahead and book a free 20-minute virtual coffee date.

Sure, there are plenty of other ways you can spend 20 minutes.

  • Read a Buzzfeed article about edible flowers.
  • Scroll through your ex's Instagram.
  • Stalk your former company on LinkedIn.
  • Watch a Facebook Live video of someone making cookies with their kid.
  • Listen to someone on their webinar talk about "their journey".

You probably did at least one of those today...

How about you talk with me about your digital marketing + social media strategy with those precious 20 minutes instead?

empowerment digital marketing

We live for the light bulb moments we see happen with our clients.

Digital Marketing can be overwhelming and intimidating - our passion is helping small business owners feel like they truly understand how to put the pieces of the marketing puzzle together.

No one understands your business quite like you, but we can be your partners in taking your passion to the next level.

creative solutions digital marketing

Digital Marketing and Social Media is not one-size-fits-all.

We love coming up with fun, creative ideas to help business owners cut through the content clutter on social media.

We'll help you decide how to stand out, engage your fans, and tell your unique story through your content marketing.

clarity + ease digital marketing

We help you create a detailed marketing plan with a strong foundation.

When you understand your key performance indicators, marketing funnels, and how to analyze and adjust - you'll move through marketing your business like you've been doing it for years.

fun digital marketing

We have a strong voice and a sharp sense of humor in everything we do.

We believe in there's a movie line, gif, or meme for every situation.

Laughter and levity make doing the hard work fun. 

family digital marketing

We are entrepreneurs too...

...and like many small businesses - started this journey to forge our own path and decide our own priorities.

Our hope is that by helping you craft an awesome digital marketing strategy, taking that off your plate will give you more time for what matters most in your life.


work with me

We offer a variety of services for digital marketing - find out what we can do for you and your business.

Not sure what you need?

There's no better way for us to get to know each other than by chatting face to (virtual) face. Let's talk about where you are with your business and some key ways we can move forward.

Book a free 20 minute consultation below and let's talk about your business.